UP President Pascual, UPLB Chancellor Sanchez and Dean Pabuayon lead the groundbreaking ceremony for CEM’s four-storey modern buildings



Again, good morning to everyone and I welcome you to the groundbreaking ceremony for our two 4-storey buildings to be connected by a bridge.  The planning and construction of these two buildings are indeed milestones in our infrastructure development plan towards having modern facilities that is part and parcel of becoming a competitive academic institution in the ASEAN region.  We would like to think that we have competitive programs – (especially our graduate programs with specializations in economic development, agricultural and rural development, agribusiness, cooperatives and entrepreneurship).  We are also beefing up our faculty complement through our recruitment and staff development programs and we have a very good and enriching learning environment through our collaborative programs with the different colleges and units of UPLB.  However, in order to attract the best and brightest faculty and researchers including visiting professors and to have cream of the crop students, especially international students, we need to improve our infrastructure and facilities and ensure that an enabling environment is available to our faculty, staff and students.  The two buildings will be architecturally designed as green buildings and in a manner that creates a collegial learning environment with formal and informal shared learning spaces that promote free flow of knowledge and experiences among faculty, students, staff and visiting colleagues and friends.


We support and adhere to the modernization plan of UP and UPLB and are grateful to our administrators, particularly the teams of President Pascual and UPLB Chancellor Dindo Sanchez for their drive and motivation to pursue infrastructure development in UP and UPLB.  We are grateful too to our alumni who are willing to give back to their alma mater the much-needed assistance and moral support to secure funding for these projects.  The first building is called the EMSC (Economics and Management Studies Center) which will house the Dean’s office, administrative offices, classrooms, discussion rooms, and rooms for visiting and adjunct professors.  The second building will be called AEDSC (Agricultural and Economic Development Studies Center) which, aside from additional classrooms, will house the faculty rooms and chairman’s offices of the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics (DAAE) and Department of Economics (DE).  We are very excited about these projects and envision that 2 – 3 years from now, our faculty, students and staff will be provided with facilities that encourage them to engage in more intellectual discussions and creativity for effective learning and generation of new knowledge, even to challenge existing concepts and theories – something that is important for making a great university.

Please let me explain to you the infrastructure development plan of the college.  What happens to the Dean’s Office now – this will be renovated to become the College Secretary’s office.  What about the DAERS building – this will become the Research and Extension Center of CEM as DAAE moves to AEDSC.  The DE space now will be for the expansion of DAME.  The CEM library will be housed at the 1st floor of REDREC building with upper floor as the CEM Auditorium with a 190-seating capacity.

Obviously, we cannot do this without the help of the concerned units, especially the Office of the Chancellor and Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Planning and Development (and Campus Planning and Development Office and Bids and Awards Committee).  

Thank you very much!