Master of Management Major in Business Management
Master of Management Major in Business Management

The Master of Management major in Business Management (MM-BM) degree program was instituted to respond to the rapid growth of industrial and non-agri-based enterprises in the Philippines, particularly in CALABARZON and the Asia-Pacific region. The program is aimed at developing success-oriented and socially-responsible managers and entrepreneurs who shall establish and manage non-agri-based enterprises into economically-viable entities.

Program Structure

The curriculum has a total of 39 units which can be completed in two years. It is composed of 9 units of core courses, 27 units of major courses, and 3 units of elective course.

Core Courses

MGT 201 Organization and Management (3 units)
MGT 213 Management Accounting and Control (3 units)
MGT 231 Human Behavior in Organization (3 units)

Major Courses

MGT 203 Environment of Management (3 units)
MGT 209 Economic Analysis (3 units)
MGT 215 Financial Management (3 units)
MGT 221 Quantitative Methods in Administration (3 units)
MGT 251 Marketing Management (3 units)
MGT 281 Business Policy (3 units)
BM 240 Production and Operations Management (3 units)
BM 255 International Marketing (3 units)
BM 280 Research Methods in Business Management (3 units)

Elective Courses (a choice of any of the following)

BM 261 Law in Business Transaction (3 units)
MGT 117 Investment Management (3 units)
MGT 207 Managerial Problem Solving and Decision Making (3 units)
MGT 271 New Enterprise Planning and Management (3 units)
MGT 273 Management of Small Business (3 units)

Application Procedure

Prospective students may apply directly to the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) Graduate School (GS) or through the DAME.

General Documentary Requirements:

  • A duly accomplished application form
  • One (1) original and one (1) photocopy of Official Transcript of Record, in English language
  • One photocopy of undergraduate degree program diploma received; ***If with a previous master’s degree, include transcript of record and diploma in the submission. ***
  • Two accomplished recommendation form from former professors, which must be submitted in a separate mail or hand carried by the applicant or a representative in a sealed envelope to DAME or to the Graduate School
  • Proof of payment of nonrefundable application fee of PhP500, which can be placed through following payment options:

a. direct cash payment at the UPLB Cashier’s Office
b. postal money order remitted to the Graduate School
c. JRS and LBC courier services

Application Deadlines

All documents must be received by DAME or the Graduate School on or before the following dates:
First Semester (August) admission: 30 May

Admission Criteria

  • At least two year of management-related work experience in a cooperative or community-based organization;
  • Two recommendations with at least a “Satisfactory” rating;
  • Proof of English language proficiency (for foreign students);
  • Compliance with the other requirements of the UPLB Graduate School

Applicants will be notified on the result of application through mail and email. If no email has been received, this means that the application is still on process.

For inquiries about the MM-BM Program, contact us as +63(49) 536 2846
For more details about the application procedures, visit UPLB Graduate School.