Undergraduate Programs
Undergraduate Programs
Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Applied Economics
The BS Agricultural and Applied Economics program aims to produce students who: (1) have technical background in agriculture and related sciences, (2) have understanding of the economic theories and tools in analyzing issues and problems in the agriculture and related sectors, and (3) are able to provide insights on policies and strategies relating to sustainable agricultural and rural development.
Bachelor of Science in Economics
Instituted in 1986, the objective of the Bachelor of Science in Economics Program is to provide future economists with the analytical and quantitative skills to analyze issues in economic development and natural resource economics.
Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship
Initially, the program was a joint undertaking with the College of Business Administration in UP Diliman way back 1966-1974. With the founding of the Institute of Agricultural Development and Administration (the present College of Economics and Management) in 1975, it assumed the administration of the program from the College of Agriculture.