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Conference Overview

The importance of food and agriculture is recognized globally because of the need to feed an increasingly expanding world population (estimated by the UN to reach over 9 billion by 2050). Scholarly research has also identified and debated the numerous consequences of population growth on development, most critically on the sustainability of supporting life on planet earth. In fact, the new set of sustainable development goals or SDGs sets an agenda that declares explicitly in its opening preamble “a plan of action for people, planet, and prosperity”. This global agenda resonates meaningfully for the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics (DAAE) of the College of Economics and Management, UPLB as it hosts its first International Conference on Food and Agriculture 2017 (ICFA 2017).

Objectives of the Conference

The overall objective of the conference is for stakeholders that have an interest on food and agriculture to dialogue on issues, explore options, and nurture partnerships especially on research collaboration. Specifically, through the knowledge and experience sharing that can be gained in the conference, the DAAE hopes the conference will help key stakeholders in the following:

a. For academe: expert views, industry feedback, and agricultural group concerns will help inform its instruction, research, and extension thrusts. Importantly, the academe will be able appraise if its current efforts are aligned to effectively help serve the needs of society in its pursuit of a sustainable future planet.

b. For policy makers: a platform for dialogue on issues and concerns, listening for solutions, and exchange of ideas with key stakeholders of food and agriculture.

c. For relevant industry players: an opportunity to explore the available knowledge, capacity, as well as technology that can help their respective industries’ growth potentials in an earth friendly way.

d. For farmers, fishermen, livestock growers, and respective groups or associations, including cooperatives: an avenue to voice a realistic view of their concerns regarding food and agriculture, while also getting a chance to tap support from academe, policy makers, and industry.

e. For students: a first-hand look at the complex challenges under a large theme of “Food and Agriculture” from key experts and stakeholders involved in the sector.


  • Food Security
  • Poverty and Rural Development
  • Climate Change Consequences on Agricultural and Food Production Systems
  • Globalization and Regional Integration Challenges
  • Human Capital Development
  • Innovation and Technology

Keynote and Plenary Speakers


Registration Fees

  • For local participants: PhP 3,000
  • For international participants: USD 110

Method of Payment

  • Account Name: Applied and Agricultural Economics Society, Inc.
  • Account Number: 065-11200114-2 (Philippine Peso) and 065-13200007-5 (US Dollar)
  • Bank Name: PSBank
  • Branch: Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines

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