CEM Delegates Participate in the 2nd EATA-NABEA-KITRI

CEM faculty, researchers, and students led the fifty-three strong delegation of the Philippines in the 2nd EATA-NABEA-KITRI Biannual International Conference and Research Symposium.

The two day event, held virtually from April 23-24, 2021 revolved around paper presentations around the theme “Meeting the Challenge of Change in Global Commerce Amidst Tumultuous Times”. The international conference served as an event to engage and exchange research, ideas, academic discussions among participants from various countries including China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, and U.S.A.

Prof. Jeanette Madamba served as the chair and coordinator of the conference. AVC Nanette Aquino delivered a welcome speech on the first day of the conference, and Dean Agham C. Cuevas delivered a congratulatory address on the second and final day.

The members of the college engaged in this academic activity as paper presenters, moderators, and discussant. Twelve paper presentations scoping topics from agribusiness, digital technology, cooperatives, modernization, behavioral economics, and supply and value chain were shared in the conference.

The event is organized by the East Asian Trade Association (EATA), Northeast Asian Business and Economics Association (NABEA), Korea International Trade Research Institute (KITRI), Asian Trade Association (ATA), International Academy for Global Business and Trade (IAGBT), University of the Philippines (UPLB), and APEC Studies Association of Korea (ASAK).

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