Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics
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Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Applied Economics
The BS Agricultural and Applied Economics program aims to produce students who: (1) have technical background in agriculture and related sciences, (2) have understanding of the economic theories and tools in analyzing issues and problems in the agriculture and related sectors, and (3) are able to provide insights on policies and strategies relating to sustainable agricultural and rural development.
Master of Science in Agricultural Economics
The Master of Science in Agricultural Economics program is designed to provide students with a solid understanding of economic theory and analytical tools needed in the study of economic issues related to agricultural and rural development.
Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Economics
The prospective students of the Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Economics are the college graduates and professionals who want to have a career as educators, researchers, administrators, policymaker/analysts, financial analysts, bank managers, extension and development specialists, business entrepreneurs or project consultants in the field of agricultural economics and related fields.
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About DAAE
The Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics (DAAE) was founded in June 1919 as the Department of Rural Economics (DRE) under the UP College of Agriculture (UPCA). It remained with UPCA for 56 years until it became the core in the establishment of the Institute of Agricultural Development and Administration (IADA) in 1975. In 1978, IADA became the College of Development Economics and Management (CDEM) and then the College of Economics and Management in 1987. Simultaneous with the establishment of IADA was the creation of the Departments of Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness and Development Management, and Economics.
DAAE as academic center for quality education, research and training in agricultural and applied economics with special focus on the upliftment of the people in an environment of sustainable development.
  • To produce graduates, especially trained in agricultural and applied economics, who will become key players in industry, government and community service
  • To conduct development-oriented researches designed to influence policy decisions
  • To promote dynamic linkages with the academe, industry, government, local organization and communities for effective institutional development and public service

DAAE continues to perform its three-pronged mandate of striving for excellence in instruction, research and extension.

Bathan, Bates M.
Assistant Professor
Bugayong, Ern Lois Nicole M.
Teaching Associate
Cabangbang, Jaymee A.
Assistant Professor
Carambas, Nora DM.
Assistant Professor
Catelo, Salvador P.
Elauria, Marilyn M.
Elca, Cenon D.
Assistant Professor
Estadilla, Ruby Jane C.
Fang, Christian Paul L.
Assistant Professor
Jimenez, Carolyn D.
Assistant Professor
Lapina, Geny F.
Assistant Professor
Lucero, Brigette Anne G.
Molina, Imelda R.
Assistant Professor
Neric, Charis Mae T.
Assistant Professor
Quilloy, Antonio Jesus A.
Associate Professor
Sugay, Rodesqa M.
Teaching Associate
Vista, Arvin B.
Assistant Professor
Demont, Matty
Adjunct Professor
Malik, Urooj
Adjunct Professor
Pabuayon, Isabelita M.
Puskur, Ranjitha
Adjunct Professor
Rañola, Roberto F., Jr.
Tranter, Richard
Adjunct Professor
Yorobe, Jose M., Jr.
Admin Staff
Calilung, Ruth O.
Laboratory Aide
Talatala, Izel O.
Administrative Aide
Venzuela, Clarissa S.
Administrative Assistant