DAME Faculty Helps Run The Performance Coaching Caravan in UPLB

Jyro Triviño of the Department of Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship (DAME) was tapped by the Human Resources and Development Office (HRDO) to conduct  a series of performance coaching workshops in UPLB. The program aims to strengthen coaching culture of the university as an intervention that will not only help improve performance, but also maximize an employee’s potential.

Mr. Triviño debunked the notion that performance coaching is only aimed for non-performers, which is why some views it negatively. It was never meant to make employees feel bad about themselves, rather it is even the opposite intention. He specified how a performance coach can spread kindness and empathy by guiding and encouraging a coachee in pursuit of career growth and development. He also distinguished the differences among mentoring, counselling, and coaching, while pointing out the necessary skills for those who would conduct a specific intervention.

Two batches of participants already completed the program, with the first one held online and face-to-face for the second batch. HRDO hopes to target different units across the university within the year, not merely for Civil Service Commission compliance, but more for the productivity and engagement of the university workforce. JBTriviño

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