DE-CEM and UPLB Graduate School Partner in a Seminar on Global Redistribution and Development

On 07 March 2018, the Department of Economics of the College of Economics and Management (DE-CEM) and the UPLB Graduate School (GS) jointly organized a seminar held at the ICOPED Auditorium. The resource speaker, Dr. Andrew M. Fischer, is an Associate Professor of Social Policy and Development Studies at the Institute of Social Studies (ISS), Erasmus University, The Hague, Netherlands. He is also the Editor of the well-regarded international ISS journal, Development and Change. Dr. Fischer gave a lecture on “Aid and the symbiosis of global redistribution and development: Comparative historical lessons from two icons of development studies.”

Presenting the implications of international aid in development, Dr. Fischer analyzed historical data of international accounts of selected countries. He discussed the cases of Brazil and South Korea and how the interaction between global redistribution and development is defined by the constraints of late development present in each country. He added that impediments to progress can also be attributed to constitutional limitations and policies as in the case of the Philippines. Some geopolitical observations were also presented based on evidence for Zambia and China.

 A total of 157 faculty, researchers and students mostly coming from CEM and CPAf participated in this seminar. This monthly seminar series provides a venue, especially for researchers and students, to explore interesting topics for their theses and dissertations. SSPasia and IMPabuayon

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