Dr. Agham Cuevas Reappointed as Dean of College of Economics and Management
CEM Vision Plans

College of Economics and Management’s Dr. Agham C. Cuevas has been reappointed to his second term as Dean of the College of Economics and Management.

Further continuing his term from 2022 to 2025, his vision for the CEM is for it to be the center of excellence in  instruction, research and public service in economics, agricultural and applied economics, agribusiness management and entrepreneurship and cooperative and bio-enterprise development.

To achieve this, Dean Agham laid out six strategic goals for the college. These include 1) recruiting and graduating high quality students; 2) recruiting and retraining high quality faculty and staff; 3) enhancing the research and development culture; 4) strengthening relationships with alumni, industry partners and other UP units; 5) improving facilities and infrastructure; and 6) contributing to nation building and public service.

First to his strategic goals is to recruit and graduate high quality students. Achievement of such is through conduct of webinars, support to student exchanges and international competitions, establishment of scholarships, application to AUN-QA, curriculum development, and establishment of new programs such as BS Business Economics and Finance, Double Degree in Agriculture and Agricultural Economics, Professional Masters in Economics, and MS Cooperative and Social Enterprise.

To retain high quality faculty and staff, facilitation of faculty and staff coaching and mentoring system, provision of scholarships for MS and PhD, and conducting various training and development activities were in the pipeline. Additional staff, REPS, and faculty item were also indicated.

In enhancing the research and development culture, continuous partnerships with various government and private research organizations were eyed. Publishing discussion papers and creating the CEM research data base will be continued. CEM’s official publication, JEMAD will also be undergoing accreditation. Lastly, CEM research programs through UP ACE, SERDAL, and REDREPP are expected to be continuously operationalized. 

To strengthen relationships with its stakeholders, negotations with the alumni and industry will be done to further get programs.

Improvement of facilities and infrastructure will also be prioritized through upgrading classroom, acquiring softwares, and constructing new buildings.

Lastly, Dean Agham upholds to contribute to nation building and public service through various extension activities, conferences, to diffuse the knowledge and skills generated in CEM.

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