Library Fines and Penalties

Sec 12. Loan for Circulation Book

Any person who loses or fails to return a book within a seven (7) days after due date or recalled can either replace it with the same title or a good photocopy or pay its current replacement value or replace it within thirty (30) days by another title to be selected by the librarian. In all cases the person shall pay a fine equivalent to 50% of the total cost of the book.

Sec 14. Failure to Return a Circulation Book

Any person who fails to return any book open to general circulation on its due date or after recall shall pay a fine of P2.00 a day exclusive Saturday, Sundays, and holidays.

Sec 15. Failure to Return a Reserve Book

Any person who fails to return a reserve book shall pay a fine according to the following schedule: for the first hours or a fraction thereof after the hour appointed for return, one peso (P1.00); for each hour after the first, five pesos (P5.00); for each full day fifty pesos (P50.00). A second offense within a semester shall subsequently suspend / curtail their privilege for the rest of the semester or summer.

Sec 21. Falsifications and Use of Someone Else's Identification card or Borrower's Card

A: a person who falsifies the identification shall after due process be suspended from the University for not more than one semester.

B: any person who uses identification card or borrower's card not his/her own shall have his/her library privileges suspended for more than one semester.