Student Organizations
Student Organizations

UP Agribusiness Society

Born in 1972, young idealistic individuals dared to unite unparalleled excellence in every endeavor, genuine service to the university and country, and leadership in its field among its fellows. These are the guiding principles that catapulted the Society to heights solely reached by its illustrious Alumni. And from these, the residents draw inspiration to achieve – if not, surpass – the greatness of their elders have done before. Years have passed but the level of enthusiasm for relevant participation and zest for achievements is still exuded by the society. Looking beyond, it is with great confidence that we affirm our commitment to continue what has been started and reassure that the standards are met. It is then our greatest pride to enjoin you to be part of the Society and live the tradition.

UP Agricultural Economics Circle

UPLB-based academic group for students and alumni with BS Ag Econ or BS Agriculture major in Ag.Economics

UPLB Economics Society

The UPLB Economics Society (ECONSOC) is a duly recognized academic organization of BS Economics students of the University of the Philippines Los Baños and an active member of the Junior Philippine Economics Society. Throughout the years, ECONSOC has been dedicating itself in promoting the academic development of its members and contributing to the educational development and services of the University. The organization also aims to bring about consciousness in the youth on economic issues and to empower them through academic excellence and community relationship.

UP Alliance of Economics and Management Students

The UP Alliance of Economics and Management Students (UPAEMS) is an academic organization based in the College of Economics and Management (CEM) of the University of the Philippines Los Baños. The members of UP AEMS are personalities pursuing BS Agribusiness Management, BS Agricultural Economics and BS Economics. Aptly, the organization can be best described using 3 words: STRENGTH THROUGH DIVERSITY, as it caters the three courses offered at CEM. Through this, the members of the organization are able to call on knowledge from 3 different disciplines enabling them to gain and gather broader perspectives of issues around us.

UP Junior Executive Society

The UP Junior Executive Society (UPJES) is a duly recognized organization of the University of the Philippines. It was formed on February 21, 1995 compelled by Archie Abache to attain economic and managerial excellence. UPJES is dubbed as the Tiger of Economics and Management. It is committed at building people by simulating the scenario in a corporate world and rendering socio-civic programs that may create reforms in the community. Now on its 21st year, the UP Junior Executive Society continues to live up its legacy since the time of its establishment.

UPLB Society of Management and Economics Students

UP Society of Management and Economics Students (UP SMES) is a duly recognized student organization based in the UP College of Economics and Management. Established on October 2003 as a non-exclusive academic organization, it consists of Agribusiness Management, Agricultural Economics, and Economics students.