Office of the College Secretary



Hello students! Welcome to the College of Economics and Management Secretary’s Office! Our office is the registrar of CEM,therefore, we have full custody of your overall records, we also keep and maintain records of proposed curricula and related matters. As you go along the page you will see other related concerns and the different forms issued in the conduct of our function.


The duties of the Secretary in relation to the college student body shall be:

    a. To  inform students during registration of their schedule, curricula, and  other matters;

  b. To assist the Office of the Student Affairs in the supervision of student activities;

       c. To help execute decisions of committees of the college and of University authorities affecting students; and

       d. To see that requirements for graduation are fulfilled


The duties of the Secretary in relation to the faculty shall be:

         a.     To keep permanent records of the work of the faculty of the college;

         b.     To receive suggestions from faculty members;

         c.     To help and correlate all activities of the faculty committees; and

         d.     To render to the Dean such assistance in the administration, as may be required.


       In addition to the aforementioned functions, the Secretary shall perform other duties assigned to him by the Dean or Director.

       Forms available at the Secretary’s Office

       1.      Excuse for Absence

       2.      Consent of Instructor form

       3.      University Clearance *

       4.      Report of Records for Completion/Removal Grade

       5.      Absence Without Leave Form (AWOL)

       6.      Permit for Removal of Grade of “4” and “INC”

       7.      Dropping Slip

       8.      Application for Leave of Absence (LOA)

       9.      Notice to Faculty Concerned Re Student LOA

      10.  Application for Revision in the Approved Plan of Course Work

      11.  Application for Substitution of Courses

      12.  Certification of Under loading

      13.  Overload Permit

      14.  Application for Waiver of Prerequisite

      15.  Request to Cross-Register

      16.  Application for Dropping a Subject

      17.  GE Plan of Course Work

      18.  Information Sheet for Shiftees to CEM Programs

      19.  Permit to Transfer

      20.  Summary of Academic Performance

      21.  Form for Readmission, Reinstatement, and Extension

      22.  Application for Graduation

        * Form downloadable at (use your system one username and password)

        Contact Details:

         Telefax: (049) 536-2716

         VOIP: 6020

         Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.








Prof. Amelia L. Bello
College Secretary


Alvin O. Malabayabas
Student Record Evaluator II


Teresita B. Corcolon
Administrative Assistant II


Tedelyn C. Apolinario
Administrative Assistant I