Rural Economic Development and Renewable Energy Center


REDREC: Unifying Efforts towards R&D on Renewable Energy

CEM will soon house an interdisciplinary R & D program on renewable energy with the construction of the Rural Economic Development and Renewable Energy Center (REDREC), a “wonder building” with energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly features.  The REDREC will use solar energy provided by the solar panels for its lighting requirements, as well as maximize the use of natural light and ventilation through effective and efficient architectural design. Similarly, the bulk of the water requirements for building maintenance will be supplied by the rainwater collector system. The building is a project of former Senator Miguel Zubiri, a CEM graduate (BS Agribusiness ’90) and recipient of 2007 UPLB Most Outstanding Alumnus Award. He committed to finance the building’s construction cost from his priority development assistance fund (PDAF). Sen. Zubiri is known for advocating alternative and sustainable fuels. Targeted for completion in early 2012, the building will house a library, a 300-seat auditorium, and a few offices.