UPLB-DE Students Shine in Local and International Internship Programs

The UPLB Department of Economics is known to produce some of the best and the brightest among its crop, and this year proved no different.

Several interns from UPLB DE shined in a number of different projects, both local and international, showcasing not only sharp economic knowledge gained from the Department but also their personal talents, skills and competencies.

On 10 August 2022, the UPLB Department of Economics conducted the Usapang Econ Internship Culminating Activity.

Usapang Econ was one of the Host Training Establishments (HTEs) tapped by the UPLB Department of Economics for its internship program this Midyear 2022. As an advocate of making economic concepts accessible and comprehensible to the public, Usapang Econ continues to create content that would fight disinformation and reach a larger audience through its platform.

In the final leg of the internship program, this culminating activity served as an opportunity for the interns to share their insights on the program and listen to the feedback of their supervisors. The Usapang Econ Team, ECON 198 internship coordinator and faculty-in charge, and student interns attended the said event.

One of the highlights of the culminating activity was the showcase of the short explainer videos created by the interns. Opportunity Cost, Inflation, Externalities, and Public Goods were the featured economic concepts they translated in a simplified manner. 

Source: Usapang Econ Facebook page

As the Usapang Econ Team is delighted with the final outputs of their interns, the UPLB Department of Economics hopes for future collaborations with HTEs like them.

UPLB DE students also participated in international internships, one of which was with internship mentor and DE Senior Lecturer Atty. Chad Patrick Osorio, currently based in France.

The 2022 Symposium on Economic Analysis of Philippine Jurisprudence, dated August 6, 2022, was the culmination activity of select student projects from UPLB Department of Economics’ Internship Program, with panelists from five (5) different continents and multiple timezones.

Source: 1407 Graymalkin Group LinkedIn Page

The students received top-notch mentorship from leading young achievers from all over  the world, coming from various fields, including law, economics and international relations, among others.

Anne Margarette Destreza opened the forum with her project on the Philippine Law and Economics Handbook, with panelists Alexandre Augé (France), Asst. Prof. Joseph Fabian (Philippines), and Romain Salas (France).

Going laser-focused on Economic Analysis of Exemplary Damages in Supreme Court Decisions, paneling Aesha Sarrol’s segment were Nadia Otoo (Ghana) and Igor Emmanuel Carnauba (Brazil/Hungary).

Afroditi Karidomati (Greece/Italy/Belgium), Kilian Woods (Ireland) and Dr. Nadeem Ahmed (India/Indonesia) shared their thoughts on Amiel Dy’s Philippine Startup Report: Legal and Regulatory Landscape.

Finally, Rezcahonah Villanueva, leading the 1407 Graymalkin Group Project, had panelists Ciaran Irwin (Ireland/Canada), Nemanja Sladakovic (Bosnia) and Josh Alas, RPm (Philippines). 

The event was also graced by the Philippine Supreme Court’s Atty. Joyce Jazmin Dimaisip-Cunanan.

Through the Department’s Internship Program (Econ 198), DE hopes to continue the university tradition of honor and excellence, not only by giving its students top-notch practical work experience, but also giving the labor market a captivating taste of what UPLB DE graduates can offer.    

Written by: Chad Patrick T. Osorio and Divine Krizza P. Cruz

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