DAME Recognizes DAMEng Talentadong Kabataan
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To celebrate the first week of reading break in UPLB, the Department of Agribusiness
Management and Entrepreneurship held its DAMEng Talentadong Kabataan (DTK) on 4
April 2022 to showcase the undergraduate students’ talents and skills. The goal of the activity
is to chill and have fun. The event was attended by more than 60 people composed of faculty
members, judges, students and family members. Fourteen (14) entries were submitted from
various categories: singing, dancing, band, parody among others. The following were hailed
as the winners: Queen Xyza Salayo (bollywood), Carlos Miguel Pua (one-man band + sports), Ma. Antonette Heinrizel Villapando (song), Soffiya Nomee Fano (parody)

Asst. Prof. Mar B. Cruz, DAME Chairman kicked-off the event by delivering his message to
the students emphasizing to just enjoy the activity. DAME judges were Asst Profs: Gian
Carlo De Jesus, Remund Jordan Labios and Jyro Trivino. These dynamic trio gave
constructive yet inspiring comments to the contestants. Asst. Prof. Cris Bonalos served as the
master of ceremony. Meanwhile, Asst. Prof. Rei Chino Pua delivered his closing remarks
reminding our students of the following: “Doing easily what others find difficult is TALENT. However, doing what is impossible with your talent is GENIUS.” -Henri Frederic Amie

Indeed, DTK was an eventful night for the ABME students and faculty members alike. (MQHerrera)

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